The CHICified girl Initiative Is A Sisterhood & A Movement!

CHICified girl Initiative

The CHICified girl Initiative was birthed from my heart. The motivation and empowerment of girls, young and old is imperative.

Who are you CHICified girl?  I am confident and driven by my dreams. I succeed because I am strong, determined, and full of heart.

CHICified girl Initiative

I migrated to the states from Jamaica when I was nine years old. (Not that long ago! lol…) 🙂 I had no idea that the CHICified girl Initiative was a part of my destiny. I remember very vividly, the feeling of amazement and the long drive from the airport. I looked out the window at the many lanes and roads going over our heads and wondered how in the world would I ever learn my way around in this HUGE place. I felt like a little ant! 🙂

CHICified girl Initiative

As time went on, I became so excited with all that I was seeing. I couldn’t wait to go back to Jamaica to share with all my friends about my experience and to tell them about this place that was made for giants. Well, my family and I made a life here in the states and I never lost my desire of wanting to go back and share all the exciting stories. My stories evolved over the years, into major experiences and life lessons. I developed a sense of urgency and obligation to share those lessons and to give back. Empowering girls and ladies with positive tools along with how I maneuvered the challenging paths I faced from youth to adulthood.

CHICified girl Initiative

I am so excited to say that a couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of accomplishing my dream!! Right back at home in Jamaica, where it all started for me. Launching The CHICified girl Initiative at Liberty Academy At The Priory with the same age group of girls that reflected the time in my life when I migrated, meant the world to me. CHICified girl is a sisterhood and a movement that will positively infect the world.

CHICified girl Initiative

Though we are in the early phase, I believe that the sky is the limit. Teaching little girls, teens, young adults and young ladies to value themselves highly, believe in their dreams, to set high goals, to be kind and honorable beings, to be positive and determined, to own their bodies and beauty and to care and uplift each other, not just in words but through actions, are lessons that can never be over taught and characteristics that will never fail them.

CHICified girl Initiative

I learned so much from the girls. The experience had made me even more determined to go forward. The heart of a little girl is so precious and impressionable and should be treated that way. Dreams do come true and I want them to know that and believe that.




It’s that special time of year again, to entertain and dine with family and friends!

While you finish up your shopping and finalize your menu, here are a few CHICified decor ideas that may come in handy while you fine tune your dinner party decor. 😉




Shayzon $$ Tip: Decorating doesn’t always have to include the traditional or expected elements. Repurpose and utilize things from around your home, yard or your refrigerator!


Reminders: (1) Leave yourself enough time to get dolled before your guests begin to arrive. 😉

(2) Be sure to do the Mind Shift from being the Amazing CHEF to being the CHICified HOST!


Note from the Editor:

Does this sounds familiar?  Many times there’s hustle and bustle until the minute the door bell begins to ring. Exhaustion is the feeling by the time your guests arrive and you’re purely functioning on autopilot. You’re honestly not even hungry anymore when dinner begins. At the last minute, you have to excuse yourself because you realize you haven’t yet changed out of your “cooking clothes”. Well, this has happened to most, if not all and is certainly not the way to enjoy this greatly anticipated evening with family and friends.

Shayzon Hosting Tips: First, create a Day Of Schedule allowing at least an hour prior to guests arriving to unwind and get dressed. Secondly, be mindful of the snacking and tasting as you’re preparing dinner, so you can enjoy the meal with everyone. Last but not least, enjoy the moments, don’t be a busy body throughout the entire evening and miss out on the most important point to the evening, time together.



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