The CHICified girl Initiative Is A Sisterhood & A Movement!

CHICified girl Initiative

The CHICified girl Initiative was birthed from my heart. The motivation and empowerment of girls, young and old is imperative.

Who are you CHICified girl?  I am confident and driven by my dreams. I succeed because I am strong, determined, and full of heart.

CHICified girl Initiative

I migrated to the states from Jamaica when I was nine years old. (Not that long ago! lol…) 🙂 I had no idea that the CHICified girl Initiative was a part of my destiny. I remember very vividly, the feeling of amazement and the long drive from the airport. I looked out the window at the many lanes and roads going over our heads and wondered how in the world would I ever learn my way around in this HUGE place. I felt like a little ant! 🙂

CHICified girl Initiative

As time went on, I became so excited with all that I was seeing. I couldn’t wait to go back to Jamaica to share with all my friends about my experience and to tell them about this place that was made for giants. Well, my family and I made a life here in the states and I never lost my desire of wanting to go back and share all the exciting stories. My stories evolved over the years, into major experiences and life lessons. I developed a sense of urgency and obligation to share those lessons and to give back. Empowering girls and ladies with positive tools along with how I maneuvered the challenging paths I faced from youth to adulthood.

CHICified girl Initiative

I am so excited to say that a couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of accomplishing my dream!! Right back at home in Jamaica, where it all started for me. Launching The CHICified girl Initiative at Liberty Academy At The Priory with the same age group of girls that reflected the time in my life when I migrated, meant the world to me. CHICified girl is a sisterhood and a movement that will positively infect the world.

CHICified girl Initiative

Though we are in the early phase, I believe that the sky is the limit. Teaching little girls, teens, young adults and young ladies to value themselves highly, believe in their dreams, to set high goals, to be kind and honorable beings, to be positive and determined, to own their bodies and beauty and to care and uplift each other, not just in words but through actions, are lessons that can never be over taught and characteristics that will never fail them.

CHICified girl Initiative

I learned so much from the girls. The experience had made me even more determined to go forward. The heart of a little girl is so precious and impressionable and should be treated that way. Dreams do come true and I want them to know that and believe that.



Fashion Week 2016 – CHICified Wrap UP!

gucci blog

Fashion Week 2016 around the globe was a supercharged and excitingly stressful time. Designers known and unknown eagerly anticipate the reveal of their collections. It’s somewhat comparable to the end of year show and tell that we’ve all experienced at some point or another in our lives. lol… 🙂

Designers work tirelessly for this moment that comes around twice a year. The challenge and task of translating designs from their thoughts and dreams to sketches, patterns, textiles, mannequins, models and finally to the runway is remarkable. The runway, a place where collections are birthed and unveiled for everyone to see. It’s quite an elaborate process and outlet for not only RTW (ready-to-wear) garments to be seen, but also for extremely creative, exaggerated and artistic pieces to be unleashed as well.


Many people after seeing a runway show, will ask “who would ever wear that?” or “no one can wear that in everyday life!” Well, many garments on the runway are simply designs without boundaries or inhibitions. In addition to the practicalities, which are geared mainly to the very important, front row industry buyers, it’s also very much about fun, creative freedom and limitless expression.

That being said, as Fashion Week 2016 A/W wraps, it has truly been an EXCITING, COLORFUL and COMPELLING Fashion Week season for sure.

gucci-2016-milan-fashion-weekFor a number of years I’ve been saying to my hubby that fashion had become somewhat “blah” and uninspiring. Everything looked the same and everyone has been dressing and looking the same as well. Regardless of height, size or personalities, everyone wears the same thing!! Something is just wrong about that!  Years ago, there was more individualism, uniqueness and true personal style. It was easily identifiable from one person to the other.

Well, after obsessively watching the live feeds, videos and excitedly combing through images from Fashion Week in NY and internationally,  I must say it looks like we may be heading back to the vibrant and exciting days of old in fashion! YAY!!

gucci blog pic

The colors, textures, prints, patterns and designs that were utilized and intertwined are simply fantastic and invigorating. Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Stella Jean, Balenciaga and on & on have thoroughly blown my mind!

As I always say, “fashion can be bought anywhere but your true style comes from within.”

Your eye and interpretation of garments, the organic assembling of those pieces and your seamless, somewhat effortless way of having your outer wear in true reflection of your inner personality is, your CHICified Signature Style.

Fashion Week 2016 – CHICified Wrap Up!

**gorgeous images are from the web**




What a way to kick off Award Season!

It couldn’t be better than this Golden Moment with JLO’s Golden Globes dress!

The anticipation is always intense, the moment that the red carpet opens and the second the pre-show interviews begin. Though “The Best Dressed” of the evening can almost be pin pointed prior to their arrival on the red carpet, the thrill of those moments never fade.

Most times it can be quite challenging to narrow down the top choices of the evening BUT not this time! Both on the red carpet and at the after party, Jennifer Lopez made it quite easy to select our H2T Best Look of the night in her marigold Giambattista Vali Haute Couture gown. Her sparkly Jimmy Choo heels, along with 200 carats of Harry Winston, were most certainly the perfect accessories for her golden moment.


For the after party, JLo still had our H2T Best Look in her white Roland Mouret gown. Her dark rouge nails and lip color, paired with her perfectly coiffed LOB (Long Bob) were the perfect choices to making this ensemble a CHICified Knock Out!


MEET SHAYZON, THE FASHION MIXOLOGIST and STYLE EXPERT Mixing Up Stylish Looks for Moms and Women on CBS46!


An expert at finding, mixing and matching labels, no name, resale, high end, thrift and unexpected pieces together seamlessly.


SHAYZON, she has all the ingredients to mix you one of her FIERCE FASHION COCKTAILS!

See SHAYZON in action below:















Source: Shayzon, Style & Beauty Expert is here Mixing Up Stylish Looks for Moms!

I'm HERE and I'm BACK!!


I’ve been on hiatus for a couple of months ONLY because I needed to focus on the final planning of our 14th Anniversary RE-DO-WAL (our dream wedding/renewal). I got to marry my Prince all over again!! ‘)


I most definitely will share more photos and details once we receive them from the photographers. I’m hanging on by a string and trying to be patient as I nibble at my nails in great anticipation. lol…

Right now we’re living through the eyes and photos of our dearest friends and family that shared the day with us.


 I’ve missed sharing my thoughts, tips and pics with you, BUT that’s being fixed right now! ‘) Another exciting thing that happened, was the launch of our

CHICified Facebook Page. (link)

It has been doing really well so far. Please check it out and press LIKE to enjoy our page and the great things happening! ‘)


 Well, it’s CHICified Time…oops, I mean Summer Time!! ‘))

The perfect time and platform for Amazing Style, Incredible Deals and tons of







I remember the evening clearly, I was super excited and preparing “my cozy space” for my Annual Award Season Routine, the highly anticipated… Red Carpet PRE SHOWS!!!


It was the Golden Globes and there was a brief moment that I stepped away from the TV (more than likely for some ice cream 😉 ) and upon returning, I was literally stopped in my tracks and my breath was taken by this incredibly stunning women on the screen. I had no idea who she was ( I don’t get out to the movies as regularly as I would like, so at this point I had not yet seen12 Years A Slave).

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 12:  71st ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS -- Pictured: Actress Lupita Nyong'o arrives to the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 12, 2014 --  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBC via Getty Images)
BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JANUARY 12: 71st ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS — Pictured: Actress Lupita Nyong’o arrives to the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 12, 2014 — (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBC via Getty Images)

I called out to my hubby, “WHO IS THAT??? NOW SHE’S A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF CHICified!” She was radiating through my screen, I felt my eyes immediately zoom in to her piercing eyes, her gorgeous smile and lips, her incredible bone structure and her flawless skin.

Jan. 13, 2014 - Los Angeles, USA, USA - Lupita Nyong'o attends the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards aka Golden Globes at Hotel Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, USA, on 12 January 2014. Photo: Hubert Boesl (Credit Image: � Hubert Boesl/DPA/
Jan. 13, 2014 – Los Angeles, USA, USA – Lupita Nyong’o attends the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards aka Golden Globes at Hotel Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, USA, on 12 January 2014. Photo: Hubert Boesl (Credit Image: � Hubert Boesl/DPA/

There are many attractive people in the world, but ever so often there is one that is extraordinarily striking and captivating.


Lupita’s effortless presence and ability to make every garment that she wears look like perfection, is and has been quite the treat for a fashion and beauty obsessed girl like me. ‘)


Immaculately paired with her beauty are the vibrant and most sartorial garments brilliantly selected by her stylist Micaela Erlanger.  Topping it all off, is Lupita’s humility, humor, grace and willingness to become transparent for the world to see.


Lupita’s sincere reveal of the moments in her life when she felt “unbeautiful”, when she was faced with uncertainties and insecurities, dreams and wonders, along with her smarts, tenacity, talent and grace, has formulated an inspirational and powerful gift that she now charmingly passes on to millions.


I always take such pleasure in the stories of journeys, dreams achieved, awards received and hopes believed.


It’s more than just the clothes, makeup, and material things, it’s the dreams as reality, goals rightly achieved, confidence to try, determination to be and moment of arrival that makes life rich and beautiful.













IMG_20140119_052300-624x1181Some may not be familiar with the acronym LBD, so let me start with that… ‘)

LBD is short for Little Black Dress.

 The LBD is one of my recommended “must haves” for every fashionista/womans closet.  You may be wondering, what makes a little black dress the “perfect oneAND how much should this “perfectLBD cost you?

20140119_090845-e1396020237520-576x1024There really is a “perfect” little black dress, but I believe there is a perfect one for each and every occassion! 😉 You can have one that’s sophisticated, one that’s simple, fun, sexy, spunky and/or funky…… get my drift? ‘))

In other words, NOOO you don’t have to have just one and YES there is definitely more than one “perfect” LBD for each of us!


** A few CHICified things to keep in mind when LBD shopping or hunting:

1)  ALWAYS try it before you buy it. Many times it can look drab, boring, ill-shaped or down right ugly on the hanger, but sometimes those odd little gems are the “perfect” ones. Believe me…that’s what happened to me with my “hanger ugly” little gem. ‘)

LBDedit-488x1024I passed it and passed it and passed it, but something about the fabric and the neck line was very appealing.  I decided to take my own advice to just try the darn thing on! To my pleasant surprise, I was blown away by the cute style, incredible fabric, flattering fit and then….THE PRICE!!!!  Holy Canoly!!

Let’s just say I most certainly did the FAB FIND HAPPY DANCE in my dressing room!! 🙂


I accessorized my LBD this time with a vintage leather purse, a gold bangle and necklace. I added some spice to my ensemble with burnt orange tights and black suede pumps. I did a topknot to accentuate the neckline and topped it off with a bold red-orange lipstick.

OK, I know you’re thinking…there’s no way SHAYZON is going to leave us hanging on the price! LOL… Of course not!!! It was……… $8.00!! I kid you not!!

Totally DEAL GURU Worthy!

2)  When selecting an LBD, keep the type/s of occasions in mind that you are purchasing it for.

3)  An LBD is an asset because that one dress can become a multi-event garment.  By adding different jewelry, shoes, bags, tights, hairstyles, scarves etc. your one LBD can look like 10 different dresses.  ( Don’t shy away from adding color to your ensemble.)

4) Select styles that are timeless vs trendy , well tailored and most importantly, styles that accentuate your most flattering features and assets. Stay away from styles and cuts that make feel self conscious and/or insecure. ( There isn’t one particular style that’s recommended for an LBD, go with what looks amazing and makes you feel confident. )

5) SHAYZON’s RACK ATTACK recommendation is to shop and scout department store sale racks, resale stores, boutiques, consignment shops and definitely thrift stores. ( Usually we find the most fabulous things when we don’t need them, so always keep an eye out for that gem before you actually have an event that may require it. )

You most certainly don’t have to break the bank to have “THE PERFECT LBD“.