A CHICified Home Spa Treat!


You’re too busy, you’re on a budget and pampering yourself is no where on the radar! Sounds familiar? Well, you’re definitely not alone! I’ve been there too, right along with thousands of others! 😉  I know that it’s always easiest to put yourself on the back burner while attending to everyone else needs; the kids, your parents, your hubby, your family, your job, your friends and on and on and on!  I also have come to realize over the years that we have to find a way and time to take care of ourselves. It’s simple, if we don’t, we won’t be at our best to be our best for everyone else.

Here is a quick and easy spa treat just for you. An EXFOLIATING & TIGHTENING FACE MASK AND SCRUB. This is a way to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing, all while in the comfort of your home. The ingredients are right there in your kitchen!  SO… your saving your gas, your money, your time AND your skin all at the same time!

Who can turn that down?!? Not you OH CHICified one! lol… 😉


ps. I’ve finally started my youtube channel to upload Insider Tips & Tricks!


It’s all about Fashion, Beauty, Style, Being Resale CHIC and You!

SEE YA THERE! muah 😉

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