For most, when we hear about a β€œTEE” we immediately think casual. Right?


Well, I’ve developed an entirely different outlook along with a great appreciation for the good-ole “TEE.”

I now call it MY versatili-TEE! πŸ˜‰


A β€œt-shirt,” as the majority calls it, is a fashion piece that I consider a must-have for everyones closet. The versatility and effortless qualities, makes it an intelligent wardrobe purchase.

Let’s look at the pro’s:


~ They can be worn with a suit, skirt, jeans, slacks, shorts, under a blazer, a tunic, a dress, etc…

~ The colors are limitless.

~ They look great with every type of accessory. It all depends on the look your going for.

~ The quality options are huge.

~ The price point can be from as low as a few bucks into the hundreds.

~ It’s a fashion option that anyone can have, regardless of your budget! (Now that makes it CHICified!).


When selecting a “TEE” always, always check for the quality of the fabric. The quality can make or brake the final look.

Here are a few things I call the β€œquick check”:

~ When you pull on both sides of the shirt, does it leave an indentation where your finger are?

If so… it’s a No No.

~ Does the fabric look like it will become dull and fuzzy after a few washes?

If so… it’s a No No.


~ If the fabric is finely ribbed but doesn’t have strong elasticity to the shirt itself.

It’s a No No.

Pairing a “TEE” with something dressy, is a CHICified fashion move. It adds personality and creates a balance to your ensemble.

A β€œTEE” makes an outfit not too dressy, not too casual, but simply effortless.

Images: From Wendy’s Look Book, Blaire Eadie, Kylie Jenner, the web, and our editor-in-chief, Shayzon.

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