Hello my name is SHAYZON and I AM A SHOE ADDICT! ‘)

Wondering if you may be too??

a27ce01fb691b4f0a61c902b68304a5f-1Well…let’s see:

1. Do you literally get goose bumps or chills when you see that certain pair of shoe goodness?

shoeblog3edit-200x300tumblr_lxnxdyyOOj1r8qecvo1_500-231x3002. Do you have visions and dreams about those killer pairs of shoes that you may have decided not to purchase?

3. Do you store your shoes in boxes or bags in your closet?

4. Do you place your newly bought shoes on the passenger seat so you can take yet another look at them before you get home?

5. Do you have multiple pairs of shoes that have not yet been worn?

shoeblog6-195x300a338a58abdd3b289de9f1012e6498189-1-300x2256. Have you EVER taken your shoes off during bad weather so your “shoe babies” don’t get soiled?

7. Do you have driving slippers in your car so the heels and back of your shoes won’t be scuffed?

8. Do you know where every single pair of shoes reside in your closet?

9. Do you plan your outfits starting with your shoe?

10. Do you have names for your shoes or shoe collection?


Drum roll please?? Eeeeeeeeeee ‘)

If you have answered yes to 5 or more of these questions, then my darling………. You are officially a SHOE ADDICT!!

Not to worry, SHAYZON has your FIX!! ‘)

TIP 1. If you love stylish shoes and budget is a priority, please don’t deny yourself of blissfully scouting designer stores or browsing online. Keep yourself abreast of the styles you love, because many times off price stores, inconspicuous boutiques and even thrift stores will surprise you with that style you love for a whole lot less. That’s what I call a SHAYZON FAB FIND!

7e7422241e1e0b7f7437626ddb101e7a-200x300TIP 2. Keep a mental or written list on hand of the shoe(s) you feel are necessary but missing from your shoe collection, so when you’re out and about you can be an intelligent shopper by adding not only the shoes you want, but the shoes you need.

TIP 3. If budget is no issue, then shop away! Try not to continuously buy the same pair (same style & color) multiple times! (You’re wasting a new style opportunity.) 

We SHOE ADDICTS cringe when that favorite shoe has given it’s all and you realize you can’t find a replica!!

* If…. there is that special pair that you wear frequently or have as a staple shoe (very comfy, goes with everything) in your collection, if possible, I do recommend getting that second pair. Reserve it for when the other one must be placed into retirement. ‘)

SHAYZON’s Tips on how to resuscitate and prolong the life of your favorite shoes, coming soon!!



 H2T (head to toe) PEARLS!!


Gone are the days of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 

when elegant strings of pearls like those donned by the great Audrey Hepburn, deemed adequate to making a girl feel feminine and noteworthy.


NOW, it’s ALL about PEARLS FROM H2T (head 2 toe)!!

Who can forget Lady Gaga who took it most literal a few years ago! Well since then, designers have continued to creatively incorporate this delicate gem into every aspect of fashion.

From the edgiest to the chicest, priciest to the cheapest, pearls are now attainable by all and has been embraced by many.


Are you a Pearly Princess??

I sure hope so!  BUT….

If not, you most certainly should give it a try!! ,)


Well you know SHAYZON has got you covered with tips!


A simple way to try a trend or experiment with fashion, is to start with accessories.

For the daring, try pearl shades! (Total DIY project that can cost you under $10) .


For the fashionista, strings of pearls (genuine or faux) will always be a hit!


For the confident, a wedding gown adorned with pearls from H2T is a sure way to make a statement of your PEARL PASSION!!  ‘)

Don’t ever be afraid to experiment with something new!